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asya yaghmurian
We have been up for 6 days in a row with art students, professors and other guests: artists, curators, designers, writers. We have been exploring the potential of show, through show, through trying the show again, through non-show and assembly. Reiteration and the presence of the curated show with the layers in it was constantly evolving in another show, questioning the curatorial and the process of the showing itself. 

“I, full of thoughts and reflections regarding the curatorial and with my newly gained knowledge and experience during the Show and try again, wrote this text. Whoever reads it becomes the part and the addressee of the show.”
Show and try again?

Showing as non-action, as a state of being.

Treating show as a process that constantly evolves as on open space that welcomes new participants and ideas.
Accepting the neutral space and not treating the activities and knowledge as goods.

There is no ‘us’ and there is no ‘them’, there is no ‘inside’ and there is no ‘outside’.

We should talk more about art.
Trusting the process of the show, thus trusting the pause, the gap, the anarchic dimension.

Considering to not show, not try or never again.
Freeing the show, emancipating it from the structures.
Thinking about what to offer to the show and what to offer to try.
Questioning the show and questioning what do you want to show.
Finding the right addressee for the question.
Showing the try is already a show.
Showing the things that are not supposed to be shown.
Trying to show on behalf of others, the ones who don’t have the tools to assembly.
Trying to avoid the clashes of the show.

Being careful not to be stuck in the loopholes of the show.
Not bringing boredom to try again or to show.

Being careful not to cross the line between the show and the showoff.
Showing the assembly, not assembling the show.

Remembering and caring about the spectator who finally shapes the show.
Walking with the spectator through the show.
Imagining the show, as seen from non-show, assembly or try!

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