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ewa meister
objects taken out from a circulation—still part of that circulation?
from a rigid understanding of objects to an inclusion of additional functional contexts
“spatiotemporal dynamic”
ephemeral configurations
recontextualisation = decontextualisation?
What actions do objects trigger?
curating objects = curating spacial settings a new context is always created through the whole setting
with a new formation: meaning is altered
participating in the choreography / narrative / discourse of the exhibition
showing itself and being part of the bigger picture at the same time
object = objectivity?
object? thing? non-human participant!
Does meaning make an object a thing?
things can pose questions
“symbol object dualism”
Is an object always a sign?
no fixed formations—endless possibilities of assemblage
establishing new associations
“processes of re-framing”
trajectories of things
Do the different contexts leave traces that are palpable during the next encounter?
Do all objects carry a narrative?
Objects as containers of meaning or empty shells?
Practical or aesthetical function? Or both?
How do things become aesthetic objects?
Blurring the line between aesthetic and non-aesthetic
“processes of experimenting and re-arranging of given context”
non-human participants can choreograph the movements of human participants with the space
activator for viewer’s involvement, immersion, social act
shaping relations between all involved participants—meaning production
“exhibition: process of research, selection and contextualisation”
meaning changes relationally – the whole picture is important
space = essential as scenery for subject-object-arrangements being exhibited = being part of an assemblage
Things = mediators? supporters? framework? enabler? withholder?
new context = new designation?
new context = new designation?
What is to be considered as backdrop, what as the supposed “focus of attention”?
What belongs to the ”curatorial situation”?
What role do the objects have to take on within the exhibited formation?
How do objects get mystified?
function, meaning, status – always in process
In how far can the objects / the arrangement be responsible for a hierarchy within the setting?

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