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lucie klysch
Do you think of exhibitions as a one-way presentation?
Does research mean you never can fail?
Who or what is the hope of society?
Cultures of the Curatorial is a transdisciplinary graduate program at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig which combines practice-based research and theoretical reflection. For its tenth anniversary the program Show and Try Again was conceived to look closely at the potentials of curatorial research.
As part of the event as a curatorial researcher, I want to examine the many different opinions about the content and (thus) the importance of the Show and Try Again program in the form of an experimental survey. Furthermore the questionnaire might be helpful to gain a better understanding of the addressees and to find new impulses for the program.
The questions are a subjective selection from standardized questionnaires and the content of the Show and Try Again event.
The survey is exemplary. The results will NOT be published.

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