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magdalena tyzlik-carver
magda tyżlik-carver


Posthuman Curating and computational culture
In this talk I introduce the concept of Posthuman Curating by focusing on curating as technology of the self, an infrastructural practice which performs as a form of biopolitics. This is a very different way of thinking about curating , which has traditionally been the domain of the museum: protecting, preserving, and cataloguing works which cycle between archives and public display; or art gallery where artistic practices are contextualised and interpreted with and for the public. Recognising that curating is now also part of curating content online and management of data-driven user profiling and optimisation this talk is framed by the question: what are the objects/subjects of posthuman curating.
Magdalena Tyżlik-Carver is Assistant Professor of Digital Design at Aarhus University and independent curator. Her research investigates intersections of computation and practices of participation in contemporary art and culture bringing together art history, software studies, affect theory, curatorial practice and new materialism. She is co-editor of Executing Practices (Autonomedia 2017, Open Humanities Press 2018) and her most recent curatorial project Screen Shots: Desire and Automated Image exhibited in Aarhus Galleri Image in March and April 2019.