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pip day and rike frank
pip day &
rike frank


Researching Back Accessing Back

The workshop Researching Back Accessing Back is a proposal for entering into research as a reciprocal activity, together: as a relational situation and contract based on interdependency/intra-action, which positions itself critically toward extraction, care, ownership and place. If, as Linda Tuhiwai Smith proposes, research is a dirty word, that “is inextricably linked to European imperialism and colonialism,” how does the practice operate when in reciprocity? And how do we read Linda Tuhiwai Smith when temporarily coming together in a spatial setting at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig? How to practice citation—how to reference reciprocally? Can we extend methodologies of researching back to encompass wider questions of access and accessibility?
Pip Day is based in Montréal and Berlin. As Director/Curator at SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art in Tiotià:ke/Mooniyaang/Montréal since 2012, she has developed long-term exhibition and research projects including Sovereignty; Água Viva (Clarice Lispector); and Colors: for 14 women’s voices (Julius Eastman), among others. She has taught on curatorial programs at Bard College, Goldsmiths and the Royal College and has published and lectured extensively. Pip was a recipient of the Andy Warhol Foundation’s Curatorial Research Fellowship for the project Spatial Practices in Revolution at Centro Tlatelolco, Mexico City.

Rike Frank is based in Berlin. As curator and writer, she has edited and co-edited: Ane Hjort Guttu. Writings, Conversations, Scripts (2018), Textiles: Open Letter (with Grant Watson, 2015), Timing—On the Temporal Dimension of Exhibiting (with Cultures of the Curatorial, 2014), among others. She worked previously as Associate Professor of Exhibition Studies (KHIO, Oslo); Curator at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig; Program Team of the European Kunsthalle & Ludlow 38, New York; Head of the Curatorial Office, documenta 12, and Curator at the Secession, Vienna.

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