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ruangrupa (farid rakun & indra ameng)
The art collective ruangrupa (the name translates loosely as a space for art) was founded by a group of art students in 2000, two years after the fall of Suharto’s dictatorship. The period known as reformasi ushered in a golden age of grassroots, alternative cultural and civil initiatives. ruangrupa was conceived as a hub for critical thinking and collaborative art practice in Jakarta where, by providing different art events, festivals and services, they have solidified into one of the leading non-profit art organizations. Meanwhile, ruangrupa has transformed into an interdisciplinary group, which includes architects, social and political scientists, among others, whose agenda is focused on contemporary urban issues and the notion of collectivity. The group runs various art projects and services, such as a radio channel, a library, a publishing house, and a public learning space. farid rakun and Indra Ameng are two members of ruangrupa who are both wearing different hats, depending on who is asking. The artist collective will curate documenta 15 in Kassel in 2022.

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